Abdominoplasty (TUMMY TUCK) is a procedure Luis Cenedese, M.D. specializes. Occasionally the belly and inner thigh skin are looser than we would like it to be.  In these cases a tummy tuck or thigh lift is appropriate. Loose skin and fat are trimmed. The remaining skin is advanced into the bikini line or thigh crease. Depending on the looseness of the abdominal skin  different amounts of tightening can be accomplished  Stretch marks and scars extending above the belly button are improved by removing the excess stretched skin below the belly button. The abdominal muscles can be tightened if loosened by pregnancy. Typically post operative pain is mild: healing takes 1 to 2 weeks. Significant improvements can be seen by this time; scars hidden in the bikini line fade over 4 to 12 months. I have been incorporating a newer technique, the high lateral tension abdominoplasty.  The  outer waist skin is pulled to the middle and  the outer thigh is lifted.  A narrowing of the waist and tightening of the thigh is achieved. Because pregnancy and significant weight loss can change the appearance of both the abdomen and abdominal skin, women who are planning either to become pregnant or lose a considerable amount of weight should consider waiting before planning a tummy tuck procedure.