Minimally Invasive LASER Neck and Lower Face Lift

Our options for treating the sagging neck and jowls have expanded with the use of liposuction and minimally invasive Laser technology. The jowls and double chin can be addressed with liposuction and internal Lasers for skin tightening. Utilizing small incisions below the chin the fat can be removed and the skin tightened. Liposuction in addition to removing the bulging fat produces skin tightening. Additional tightening may be accomplished by the concomitant use of the Precision Tx internal Laser. Long term correction is the case with low complication rates.

Procedures are accomplished using local anesthesia with mild sedation in less than two hours. Patients may return to most activities the same day with only mild discomfort. A compression bandage is worn for one week. Nerve injury causing weakness of the lower lip may occur with a return to full function in six to eight weeks. Similar results to face/neck lift surgery are achieved with the surgical procedure reserved for older men with significantly lax skin.