Lip augmentation


LIP AUGMENTATION (LIP ENLARGMENT) has become very popular. Fulness of the lips is not only sensual but gives a more youthful appearance. Lips can be made fuller with injections or implants. We have several options to enhance the upper, lower or both lips exist. Injectable fillers including Juvederm and Restylane, last from several months to a year. Moderate swelling is detected for several days after injection. Fat taken from the waist or thighs during a small liposuction can give subtle but permanent enhancement. Marked swelling associated with this procedure can be diminished by injection of small amounts of fat. Alloderm (human collagen) or temporal fascia can be inserted into the lips through small incisions inside the mouth to achieve permanent enhancement. Contact us to arrange for a consultation to help to decide which option is best for you. Our approach to lip aesthetics has become more sophisticated. Filling and shaping the lips in the appropriate areas will give a more attractive and pouty appearance than just enlargement alone. We can fill one or both lips, central and outer areas, depending on the shape of your lips and the look that you like. Restylane and Juvederm are the most common lip injection fillers used today. The results last approximately 6 months. Fat suctioned from your waist or hips, injected into your lips, may last longer, and in many cases, fat injections result in permanent augmentation. Bellail and Radiesse may last longer but are not recommended for the lips. . Caution must be exercised as long these fillers can clump and produce lumps in the lips. The placement of Alloderm or synthetic implants is also an option for more permanent lip enhancement. Research combining fat with Restylane or Juvederm has shown to increase the longevity of these fillers. Studying your lips and the photos of others helps us to shape your lips in the most desirable way. The various options and expected results will be reviewed during your consultation.