Vaginal rejuvenation



VAGINOPLASTY (VAGINAL REDUCTION AND TIGHTENING SURGERY) is a plastic surgery procedure for correcting the defects and deformities of the vaginal canal and its mucous membrane, and of vulvo-vaginal tissues that might be enlarged or irregular or because of an acquired cause (e.g. physical trauma, cancer). Many women are dissatisfied with the appearance of their overly visible vaginal lips. The inner lips or labia minora are often stretched and hang excessively. These can be reduced with a careful trimming of this thin skin. Care must be taken not to expose or scar the clitoris at the top of the labia. Women who have given birth can notice that their vaginal canal has stretched out. Complaints from sexual partners are possible. This condition can be repaired by tightening the vaginal muscles and lining.
We are introducing a new procedure YoniVita which revitalizes the vaginal lining, improves lubrication, increases sensation and may help with urinary control without burning, surgery or downtime. A mixture of platelet rich plasma with our proprietary vitamin solution produces greatly pleasing results in one to three twenty minute sessions.
Surgical correction lasts less than two hours, is associated with moderate discomfort for several days but heals very well. Careful examination by our gynecologic colleague prior to and their contributions during surgery allows our team to provide you with the best of our experience and expertise.